Typographic Hierarchy 

In our second studio project, we are looking at typography and how to clarify a message based on hierarchy.



To kick off this project, we practiced using bolding, line spacing, indenting, and coloring in order to create hierarchy within the information. Below are my explorations by using either one or many of the restrictions. This expressed how a simple change can create importance. 


iterative research

I began to create iterations of posters for this event, and I was able to see how I could balance the text and the images together in ways that would best express this event. Taking what I learned in my explorations of type, spacing, color, and line indentation, I could apply this to my photography to create a composition for the feeling this event wants to create. Below is a small selection of the iterations I created to get to a final product, 


Final poster

I was drawn by this format because every bit of the information felt individualized. The size and placement of the text is what determined the hierarchy of the information.

As show on the right, I used the golden ratio to help determine how the different elements could fit within this grid to make a simple while still dynamic composition. This helped determine the size and position of all the information.

It was also very useful within the hierarchy. I could rank the information and apply it to the path of the Fibonacci spiral. By working with the spiral and the grid I was able to create this composition.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 12.10.43 PM.jpg

further exploration

Continuing onto other projects I used the similar grid system and style for another assignment in a digital imaging class where I made hypothetical movie posters for a random craigslist advertisements.