"an example of it's species or type for display"

Overpriced Goods (OG SPLY CO.) was started at the beginning of 2017. This brand/project was meant as an outlet that would allow me to use fashion as a canvas to comment on how we consume and see the fashion industry, and how the fashion industry sees it’s consumers. This would allow me to create a simultaneous energy and awareness through clothing.

‘SPECIMEN’ is the idea to take something that exists and analyze it through enlarging and magnifying. This line incorporates the imagery of tags, barcodes, receipts, numbers, and brings them to light. This mixed with heavy text usage creates a dynamic that expresses the inward and outward view of the modern fashion industry.

This mostly black and white line tells a metanarrative that brings together the consumer as one in relation to industry. The intention is not to villainize or demean the industry but to create an ironic visualization of how todays clothing industry works. 




the start


I began by creating a visual language for the line I wanted to make. By sketching different looks and designs, playing with materials, and thinking about a message in coordination with my brand, I was able to put together a presentation for my line. 




Although drawing on receipts is nothing new, a lot of my inspiration for these clothes can be found within the visual language in receipts. Having my references live in this environment felt appropriate and true to the idea of a specimen. 


the Designs


As expressed, all designs where inspired by tags, labels, receipts, etc. From wine labels to bread clips, I incorporated these elements as my interpretation of street wear and how it might look in the future. My dutch roots also came into play and a lot of the text was exclusively in dutch because it was more honest than it would have been in english. 




Clothing is a constantly changing canvas. One is able to change their outward image whenever and however. Clothing not just represents one as an individual, but brings groups of people together. This line used expanded exaggerations of elements found hidden in the fashion industry to create an ironic narrative in my line. A criticism is expressed that does not villanaize but instead in a way celebrates fashion and street wear. Specimen by Overpriced Goods was my first comment that will build the look and language of this brand. 


“Your clothing can set you free.” -Rei Kawakubo


All concepts, clothing, prints, designs, and artwork were made by me. All photography shot and edited by me as well.  

Thank to Dylan V. and Kellie H. for advising with vinyl cutting and screen printing.  

Special thanks to Teresa at 'Label King' for manufacturing some of the labels and helping with patterns. Would not have gotten as far as I did without.