facebook story

Video for “Facebook Story” from Frank Ocean’s Blonde.


Spotify Responsive CUI

In this video our group presents our concept for a responsive CUI that would accompany the Spotify’s application on any smart watch


Crystal Castles - “I’m Not in Love”

Music video made for Moving Pictures 2018.


serifa typeface video

For our final project in Communications Studio I, we were tasked with creating a one minute video that informs an audience about a random typeface. This would be our introduction into Aftereffects.

I did not want the font revealed at the start. The video builds up to the reveal to create an aspect of suspense, a climactic point in the video and a reward for the audience. The video ends by showing off Serifa's versatility. 




Spotify CUI

Part 2 of our Spotify Responsive CUI give a look into the real world application of this design.


Pulse animation

Group project by Liam van Oort, Matthew Mcgehee, Ethan Ye, Rachel Farn, Jacob Paul


Carrefour Product Design Internship

We were tasked with designing a product that would introduce Chinese cooking into the European market. This is my teams final video for our self cleaning induction hot pot. For specifics and more information on the product please contact me.