facebook story

Video for “Facebook Story” from Frank Ocean’s Blonde.


Spotify Responsive CUI

In this video our group presents our concept for a responsive CUI that would accompany the Spotify’s application on any smart watch


Crystal Castles - “I’m Not in Love”

Music video made for Moving Pictures 2018.


serifa typeface video

For our final project in Communications Studio I, we were tasked with creating a one minute video that informs an audience about a random typeface. This would be our introduction into Aftereffects.

I did not want the font revealed at the start. The video builds up to the reveal to create an aspect of suspense, a climactic point in the video and a reward for the audience. The video ends by showing off Serifa's versatility. 




Spotify CUI

Part 2 of our Spotify Responsive CUI give a look into the real world application of this design.


Pulse animation

Group project by Liam van Oort, Matthew Mcgehee, Ethan Ye, Rachel Farn, Jacob Paul